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OPTIMA HMS is conceived by a blend of professionals who are real life experienced in Health Industry for about a decade. It delivers tangible results to the clients. Implementing OPTIMA HMS in your organization streamlines your workflow and boost efficiency with our fully-integrated Patient Management, and Billing Solution. Every aspect of our software is customized as according to our clients’ experience and requirements.

Key Modules

Our Clients

In Patient Department (IPD)

IPD is the most important section in HMS. It deals with Indoor patients' admission, treatment, procedures, estimation, provisional and final billing, communication with patient party and involved doctors. Precisely this section pumps in a major chunk of data from other modules of HMS and contributes the most in MIS generation.

  • Patient Registration
  • Bed/Room Allocation
  • Payment Receipts
  • Bed Transfer
  • Medical Certificates and Consent Forms
  • In patient Dues & Reports
  • Cost Element Master
  • Patient History
  • Patient Bill Classification
  • Patient Daily Estimation
  • Provisional Bill
  • Final Detailed Bill
  • Discharge Certificate
  • OTP Based Approval System
  • MIS
  • Graphical Dashboard

Out Patient Department (OPD)

The software deals with the out patients of your esteemed organization and covers precisely areas like Doctor registration, Doctor booking/cancellation, daycare service billing and cost elements. It generates Unique Health ID for patients and quick patient search. It also prints receipts with Barcode for future reference. Option for digital doctors’ prescription is also available. In a nutshell, the software caters your entire out-patient s and visiting consultants.

  • Patient Registration
  • UHID Allocation
  • OPD Receipt
  • OPD Refund
  • OPD Cancellation
  • Queue Management
  • Barcoded Digital Prescription
  • Patient Pre-Appointments
  • Screen for Doctors
  • Day Care Billing
  • MIS Reports

Laboratory Management System

Basically a laboratory and diagnostic centre management software. It provide you the benefits of streamlined operations of your diagnostic lab, enhanced customized report preparation, strict cost control and improved profitability, while maintaining compliance with regulatory bodies and quality Processes. The rich features of the software makes  life easier. Communication through message ensures transparency and professionalism of your house and promote business figures.

  • Patient Registration
  • Due Collection/ Refund
  • Test Reporting
  • Patient Investigation Request from OPD/IPD
  • External Test Centre
  • IP Management
  • Petty Accounts
  • Patient Statistical Report
  • MIS
  • Patient doctor communication via SMS


Pharmacy software is GST enabled. It allows the user to manage procurement, sales, short expiry and submission of Tax. Besides, being user friendly the software allows Cash & Credit Billing. You can also manage your vendor payments and credit notes. The software is built in Windows environment to speed up the process and is seamlessly integrated with other modules being used by the other departments of your organization.

  • Drug Master
  • Purchase Management
  • Vendor Payment Management
  • Medicine Cash/Credit Sales
  • Batch wise Expiry Tracking
  • GST Reports in Excel
  • Stock Transfer
  • Non Moving Drugs
  • Stock Report
  • Billing-IPD
  • User wise Collection Register
  • Daily MIS Report

Insurance / TPA

The TPA/ INSURANCE module facilitates to bill virtually each and every type of health insurance in a timely and accurate manner. Compliance with the Insurance Regulatory Development Agency (IDRA) / TPA norms resulted in increased paperwork and approval process resulting in delayed claim settlement for patients and hospitals using trueclaim and other third-party solutions. This module reduces claim settlement time and improves on cash flow.

  • Enables to process insurance claim forms depending on the approval authority
  • Facilitates billing of every type of insurance in a timely and accurate manner
  • Track insurance claims across providers
  • Issue a new insurance policy to patients
  • Integration with Trueclaim insurance settlement system
  • View the status of pending insurance claims
  • Follow up the system to track long pending claims
  • Integrated into the central billing system to reduce errors
  • Disallowed services and product alert for billing clerk
  • Issue medical insurance policy to patients and view associated bills of patients

Asset / Inventory Management

The Inventory management helps you to keep track on each and every item consumed within the healthcare organisation. It keeps track of the sales and purchases taking place within the healthcare organisations. The consumable and non- consumable items are identified and accounted for. Thereby the entire supply chain is automated for the convenience of the staff that can concentrate on the patients’ need firstly.

  • Real time asset tracking
  • Reorder point
  • Product identification and barcoding
  • Inventory optimization
  • Asset issue to individual
  • Asset issue to department
  • Cost savings
  • Increased efficiency


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