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" We Implement for you the perfect HRMS solution to manage attendance and process payroll of your precious assets with ease. "

Why Souls HRMS  ?


Hosted on the Cloud or on a local Server, it helps you to have a centralized system to take care of the entire HR & Payroll Activities. Even your employee can log in and access the system for individual purpose.


Our team works with yours’ to implement the solution and maximize your investment. You start enjoying the benefits straight away.


The Experience

Unique! We deliver the solution with unique options of working from your side for the best outcome. The solution transforms your work force with exceptional technology and services to derive a better experience for you.

Serving all verticals  




   Bank & co-operatives

   Constructions & Contractors

   Health Care

   Software & Technology






Key Features of Souls HRMS

  • The application, all the modules and features on the Souls HRMS can be accessed by any browser like Mozilla Firfox, Internet Explorer, Chrome.
  • Interface Label and Module heading displayed in English can be switched to Arabic
  • Leave and Loan can be managed and tracked systematically with their respective approval work flows on the system
  • Multiple Allowances and Deductions can be accounted along with each Payroll processed
  • He can apply for leaves, loans, advances, and see his own pay slips after the payroll is published
  • Mobile applications for both Android and iOS can be bought separately for accessing employee information while on the move
  • Configuring the biometric /MICR / RFID attendance machine to our attendance module on our Souls HRMS system.
  • Recruitment modules can be mapped to the client's website domain and the employee resumes can flow into the system. According to the job openings, candidates can be short listed.
  • All assets issued to an employee, his salary progression, his air ticket eligibility to his actual air tickets taken, etc are tracked
  • All the local labour laws can be configured for the all the GCC and the other MENA regions.
  • Employee Information – The complete details of the employee are recorded on the system.
  • Salary setup – The Salary composition is updated with the specific regular allowances and deductions for the employee month-on-month.
  • Department & Branch Transfer – Transfer of an employee is possible between two departments or between two Branches.
  • Retroactive – A salary composition adjustment from an earlier date is possible to be settled as arrears in the current month payroll.

This module helps to have the month payroll processed for each employee.
  • Applications for the leave can be submitted as a full day or an half day and can select annual leave, sick leave or any other leaves.
  • The date when an employee needs to be recorded on the system and consecutive LOP or additional leave days should be deducted from the particular leave balances.
  • Leave encasements are possible to be recorded and settled along with the current month payroll.
  • Future leaves can be planned well in advance and specific future vacation schedule reports will be available on the system.
  • Loans or advance can be recorded to be settled on an installment basis from a particular month. So from that month payroll, this loan given can be deducted from each consecutive month’s payroll as a equal monthly deduction.
  • Expenses can be recovered from the company /employee can be recorded which will be settled in the current month payroll.
  • The attendance for the month needs to be uploaded on to Souls HRMS or automated attendance should be activated.

Self Service module helps the employee of the company access his own profile on the Souls HRMS system by using his own user-id and passwords. The application is very user friendly, which has simple structured menus and options.

Souls HRMS is an application which can be opened on any browser. The application can be hosted on the local server. If the branches are connected to the head office server by VPN, then the employees from the branches can access the employee’s self service module from the respective branches. And if the Souls HRMS system is installed on a cloud server with a public IP address, then all the employees in all the braches can access the application on the move from anywhere, even outside their office network from even mobile phones outside their office and from their homes.

This module helps to track the complete recruitment process in a company.
  • This module helps to track the recruitment process from the stages of posting a job opening to receiving the resumes profiles from the candidates.
  • Then the candidates details can be tracked. we can have options to track if he has directly walked-in or if he has come through a consultant helping in the Recruitment process.
  • Then the final conversion of the candidates profile to an employee is possible.
  • Basically after the probation of 3 or 6 months, the employee can be converted to a permanent employee.
  • References provided by the candidate can be tracked
  • We can also give the API , so that the client can have the same configured on to their web site to directly have the employee fill the candidates form and their profiles can come directly to the Souls HRMS system database.
This module helps to track the complete recruitment process in a company.

360° Appraisal of employees can be processed on the Souls HRMS software on a quarterly or a six monthly once or on a yearly basis.

  • 360° Appraisal of employees can be processed on the Souls HRMS software on a quarterly or a six monthly once or on a yearly basis.
  • The line manager will have to assign the forms to all the employees.
  • Basically an employee needs to go into the system and first fill in the appraisal forms with his self scores and comments for each of the parameter /questions.
  • Once the form is submitted, the line manager can fill in the manager’s scores for each of the parameters and submit the forms.
  • Status of the appraisal completion for each of the employees are available on the dashboard in the form of Red, Yellow and green indicators.
  • From here on, the final evaluation is done and the reports are available with the appraisal scores.

Attendance module and the integration to various biometric machines are possible. We need to ensure that each of the branches are connected to the head office by the help of VPN. At the head office server, we will have windows based scheduler installed which will automatically pull the data from the biometric machines from different branch are brought to the head office server. And then the system compares the actual punches to the shifts defined on the Souls HRMS system.

Training Planning: All the training courses can be entered on to the SolePay HRMS system along with the date when they are planned to be start and end. The respective trainers for each courses can be entered.

Training Request : The requests for training can be raised for the Training courses available. The suggested maximum number of trainees in a class can be updated.

Assign Trainee : The employees can be scheduled to specific Training courses upto a maximum of trainee seats allowable for a training course.

Manage Attendance : The requests for training can be raised for the Training courses available. The suggested maximum number of trainees in a class can be updated.